3 Phone Apps That May Be Damaging Your Phone

These days it is extremely hard to protect yourself from Apps and led you to believe they are harmless. Maybe you think that having an iPhone is safer than an Android phone. In truth, both types of phones have Apps you can download or have already preloaded into your device, which can not only damage you and me but even destroy your phone.

 I really do not want you to find out the hard way like I did that Apps could steal your identity. They can even get into your personal or business banking accounts and take every penny you have. Your family is at risk too, all from your phone.

 The worst three apps which apply to both the iPhone and Android and maybe damaging your phone are the most surprising. Why would a cell phone company want to put you and your phone at risk? Could it be that they want to get your personal information or make you buy an updated phone?

 Let me share with you what I have found out about one pre-installed App. I am going to include two more Apps that you can download. Please get rid of these off your phone and get a good antivirus/malware program and update your OS.

 • Camera

 • Messenger

 • Flashlight


 You all know your iPhone and Android come with built-in cameras but did you know how easy it is for someone to hack your camera? We all know that taking a lot of pictures and videos drains our battery, and constant use could damage the battery. If your camera is hacked, that person or persons get your personal information, where you live, who your family and friends are, and can turn on your camera whenever they want to.


 You probably use Messenger the same as I did. When I downloaded it from the App Store, I, like you, had to agree to a bunch of terms and permissions. I clicked yes to everything they requested but never read the terms and just quickly glanced at the permissions.

 They request permission to get your contact information, names, phone numbers, addresses and see all the messages and pictures you send through their App. Since Messenger is always on in the background of your phone, your battery is always being drained, and your circuit boards can be damaged. Stay safe and remove the App.


 This Flashlight App is better than in past years, but you still need to give the App permissions when you download it. Depending on the Flashlight you want, they may only ask for internet access and camera access. Both permissions leave you open to hackers.

 Damage to your phone, aside from draining the battery, can also play havoc with your Internal Processor. Phones are expensive to buy every year or every other year. I want you to be as safe as you can so keep the money you would spend on a new phone and buy something for yourself or your loved ones.