Bad Roof Installation vs. Good Roof Installation

The roof plays different roles in the house like temperature regulations, protections against harsh elements, and even add beauty to your home. Roof installation should be taken seriously to avoid a botched job. That is why homeowners are encouraged to employ the services of a well-reviewed and rated roof instructor. Without any knowledge of roof installation, a homeowner may be unable to recognize a bad roof installation from a good installation. This article offers some of the key pointers you need to look out for for poor installation and good installation.

Spotting a bad roof installation


 During installation, the roofing contractor should calculate the number of nails to be used for every shingle installed. Most manufacturers indicate clearly the number of nails to be used per shingle, with most roofers opting to use at least four nails. Using fewer nails will leave the shingles vulnerable to winds. 

 Roofers also use fasteners and nails to secure sections of the roof like the gutter to prevent water from entering the house. However, some roofers rush over their jobs, failing to fasten the shingles and gutters properly, leading to a bad installation. 

Starter shingles

 Inexperienced roofers tend to forget to place starter shingles before beginning work on the roof. It is recommended for roofers to installer a starter strip under the first layer of shingles along the eaves. Starter strips provide extra protection to vulnerable sections of the roof, for example, eaves that can get damaged from ice build-up during the cold seasons. If your roof contractor skips this step, your roof is likely to face several leaks and even damage to the shingles.


 For people living in cold regions or in preparation for icy winters, it is wise to install a protective underlayment between the sheathing and shingles. Most roof contractors recommend a felt underlayment or an ice and water shield that helps to prevent the formation of ice dams that force water under the shingles. In certain regions, it is required by law to install two underlayments to prevent water damage to the roof and even the walls. 

 Above are just the common steps roofers tend to skip when installing roofs. As a homeowner, it is wise for you to be present or leave someone with knowledge of roofing to ensure all the necessary steps are being followed. This way, you can avoid having to spend an extra penny redoing the entire job. A good job done has several benefits and can put you to rest. To achieve this, you can consider the following factors before installation. 

Elements of good installation

Hire a trusted contractor

 Ask the right questions when hiring your roof contractor, this way, you will be able to gauge their professionalism. Research on the best contractor within your locality, and make sure to go over their previous works and reviews from reputable online sources. Your installation can only be good if you are working with the right team. 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions

 Most roofing materials come with instructions on the best way to install them for a long-lasting result. Most roofers overlook this, something that could cause trouble in the near future. Have your contractor go over the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them correctly. Following the laid down guideline could prevent future warranty claims and even give you the best installation. 

Replace old roof installation components and materials

 When doing a complete roofing job, it is wise to get rid of the entire installation, including accessories that were part of the old roof system. Replacing these accessories and components during reroofing is cost-effective rather than installing them in the near future. Some of the aspects you may want to handle include vents, skylights, and bad siding.

 Bad roofing could prove costly for you in the long run. It is advisable to take your time to get It right with a good installation to avoid incurring extra costs. With good installation, you do not have to worry about the safety of your household or property.

Considering a Career in Web Design? Consider This

Are You Thinking Of Starting A Career in Web Design?

 A career in web design can be a great option for anyone looking for stability and longevity in an interesting and demanding career field. As our day-to-day needs for technology comes to grow exponentially and continuously, there has been an uptick in demand for web designers and in career interest in web design as well. Nowadays, it seems like there is a website for everything, from buying hot sauce to playing online games to finding free downloads safely and accessibly. Behind every website is a web designer. With this in mind, it is clear that this field will only become more and more lucrative, but there are a few important questions to ask yourself too.

 What is Your Education Background in This Field or Related Fields?

 Having an interest in web design and a passion for the field is certainly an important first step toward a career in the field, but it is only the first step. Potential employers will want to see that you have studied and obtained certifications and degrees as needed. Schooling and training are available through online programs and are also available at accredited colleges and universities through their in-person or online options. Keep in mind that a better degree from a better location will often secure you a better job. 

 This being said, respect your budget and do not go into excess debt. Starting small with an online certification is still a good first step. 

 What is Your Career Experience in This Field or Related Fields?

 If you already have adequate schooling or a solid beginning to your web design career experience, it is time to look at the career aspect of your resume. Finding any jobs related to web design or technology that will pad your resume with valuable experience can be an important step. If you have solid experience, make sure that you are applying to jobs that will pay you what you are worth. If you have less experience, make sure that you are only applying to jobs that are within your scope of capabilities. Higher paying or more challenging jobs may seem appealing, but a company’s entire website and well-being are in your hands when they hire you as their designer.

 What Other Relevant or Useful Skills Do You Have?

 When seeking out more competitive or specialized opportunities when starting your career in web design, you will want to build up some relevant skills and experience. 

 Overall, if you are thinking of starting a career in web design, it is probably a great option for you. As long as you have the time and money to invest in training, schooling, and studying, you will have an opportunity to succeed. After that, persistence and good study skills are essential. If you want this career path, you will have to put in some hard work before getting your first job and then continue to work hard as you move up into bigger and better opportunities. 

 How much time and money will it take to get to where you need to be to start a career in web design?

Ways For Bosses To Get The Most Out Of Their Employees

Every boss strives to have productive employees who are eager to complete each job properly and efficiently. There are some very useful ideas for bosses who would like to get the most out of their employees and to keep them motivated and engaged in the work environment. It is always important for any manager to have realistic expectations if they would like to have good results from their employees. The role of a manager is vital in every organization. The following are often included in the role of every boss or manager:

  • staffing
  • incorporating organization in the work environment
  • staffing
  • goal setting
  • strategizing
  • more

It is the job of a boss to ensure that employees are ready, willing, and able to complete their jobs and to do them efficiently. Every manager must find useful ways to motivate their employees and ensure they are delivering the desired results. Every manager can face numerous challenges as they strive to get the most out of their employees. Even experienced managers can benefit from some useful tips that ought to be helpful in motivating their employees. Management success is a worthy endeavor for every boss. A boss can get the ball rolling by paying attention to their employees if they would like productive employees who are going to be motivated and complete their jobs. Paying attention to employees is referring to many different aspects of managing. This includes good leadership abilities and teaching employees how to do their jobs properly. Often ongoing training is beneficial to employees. This all involves knowing what an employee is going to need in order to get their job done in an efficient way. Paying attention to employees involves effective listening on the part of a manager. This is simply acknowledging employees and their unique needs in terms of various working styles. The following tips ought to be very beneficial for any boss to get the most out of their employees:

defined and clear goals for employees; when an employee is fully informed about what is expected of them, added productivity is often the end result. This often requires very clear guidelines when explaining the entire job expectations and duties. When an employee is fully informed and has been taught how to complete their assigned job duties, they tend to be much more productive. They will often be willing to go above and beyond in terms of being motivated. Clear goals tend to create able employees who strive for excellence in everything they do

fair treatment practices; fair practices, from a manager, is referring to equal treatment towards all employees in a work environment. All employees ought to be judged based on their own work habits. This includes new employees. Playing favorites to friends and those employees who have been at a job for a longer period of time is noticed by others. Friends and various employees should not receive any special perks due to longevity or friendships. Fair practices are needed by every manager. Fair practices ought to be part of a company policy because it creates motivating environments in which all employees feel valued

provide feedback to employees; when an employee does an exceptional job, it is important to let them know that their effort and dedication have been noticed. All employees need to know that they are appreciated. All employees need and deserve positive feedback when they commit themselves to do a good job. It is important for every boss to have a balance within their feedback.

3 Phone Apps That May Be Damaging Your Phone

These days it is extremely hard to protect yourself from Apps and led you to believe they are harmless. Maybe you think that having an iPhone is safer than an Android phone. In truth, both types of phones have Apps you can download or have already preloaded into your device, which can not only damage you and me but even destroy your phone.

 I really do not want you to find out the hard way like I did that Apps could steal your identity. They can even get into your personal or business banking accounts and take every penny you have. Your family is at risk too, all from your phone.

 The worst three apps which apply to both the iPhone and Android and maybe damaging your phone are the most surprising. Why would a cell phone company want to put you and your phone at risk? Could it be that they want to get your personal information or make you buy an updated phone?

 Let me share with you what I have found out about one pre-installed App. I am going to include two more Apps that you can download. Please get rid of these off your phone and get a good antivirus/malware program and update your OS.

 • Camera

 • Messenger

 • Flashlight


 You all know your iPhone and Android come with built-in cameras but did you know how easy it is for someone to hack your camera? We all know that taking a lot of pictures and videos drains our battery, and constant use could damage the battery. If your camera is hacked, that person or persons get your personal information, where you live, who your family and friends are, and can turn on your camera whenever they want to.


 You probably use Messenger the same as I did. When I downloaded it from the App Store, I, like you, had to agree to a bunch of terms and permissions. I clicked yes to everything they requested but never read the terms and just quickly glanced at the permissions.

 They request permission to get your contact information, names, phone numbers, addresses and see all the messages and pictures you send through their App. Since Messenger is always on in the background of your phone, your battery is always being drained, and your circuit boards can be damaged. Stay safe and remove the App.


 This Flashlight App is better than in past years, but you still need to give the App permissions when you download it. Depending on the Flashlight you want, they may only ask for internet access and camera access. Both permissions leave you open to hackers.

 Damage to your phone, aside from draining the battery, can also play havoc with your Internal Processor. Phones are expensive to buy every year or every other year. I want you to be as safe as you can so keep the money you would spend on a new phone and buy something for yourself or your loved ones.

Current International Travel Requirements in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 has disrupted the world beyond what we could have imagined. Travel restrictions have been imposed to control and reduce its transmission. Here is a list of major international travel requirements in the COVID-19 era. 

Negative COVID-19 Test Certificate

 Testing for COVID-19 before booking an international flight is now normalcy that we have become accustomed to. You must produce a negative COVID-19 test certificate before taking a flight and when moving through immigration clearance in your host country. This COVID-19 negative test certificate or documents showing your recovery from COVID-19 has become an important travel tool that should be acquired within a specified time-frame before traveling. 

Be Ready for Random Temperature Checks

 The use of thermometer temperature guns for people traveling through public transport, such as trains and airlines, is no longer voluntary. Even after testing negative for COVID-19, temperature tests are still carried out at various intervals of your travel. Your host country will not let you in without taking your temperature readings just for precaution measures. 

Know the Travel Restrictions Your Destination

 Many travel destinations have been under strict travel restrictions for international arrivals since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. These travel bans led to 3 billion people living in areas with complete border lockdown to all foreigners by the first two quarters of 2020. Thus, it is an inevitable requirement to research the lockdown measures enhanced in your anticipated international destination. 

Follow Travel Recommendations by Destinations

 Many countries, including the United States, have continued to guide their citizens about the safety of different travel destinations. The risk assessment of these destinations is categorized in different levels, with level 1 as low-risk destinations and level 4 as high-level destinations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has placed countries such as Afghanistan, Kenya, and Paraguay as level-4, urging travelers to consider canceling their travel plans to the listed destinations.

Plan for Curfew Hours

93% of the world population lived under strict travel-related restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic by the 3rd quarter of 2020. It would be unwise to reach your destination past midnight if the country adheres to dusk to dawn curfew because you may end up sleeping in the airport. Therefore, you must be cognizant of curfew hours in your destinations before traveling from one country to the other.

Putting your Mask Appropriately

 Masks have become a significant requirement for international travelers as a measure to reduce the chances of COVID-19 transmission. Masking controls the spread of COVID-19 by controlling respiratory droplets from reaching other people in the surrounding. Therefore, travelers in buses, trains, airlines, and other modes of public transport must be appropriately masked because masks do not only protect you from contracting COVID-19 but also the other travelers. 

14 Days Quarantine

 Traveling to or from certain countries and destinations may require you to be quarantined for 14 days, even with a negative COVID-19 test result. Some places, such as the United Kingdom and South Africa, have reported a new variant of the COVID-19 virus. Many countries worldwide are reluctant to allow travelers from regions with such mutated COVID-19 variants without subjecting them to quarantine for 14 days. 

Confirming New Prices

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that airlines were expected to lose $84.3 billion in 2020 due to international travelers’ reduction. From January to October 2020, the tourism travel destinations registered about a 72% reduction in tourist arrivals as reported by the UNWTO tourism barometer. The airlines and various travel destinations had to revise their prices upward to remain sustainable even as the number of visitors continued to dwindle throughout last year and this year. 

COVID-19 Vaccination

 COVID-19 vaccination programs have started worldwide with millions of different vaccine doses such as the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in circulation. Qualified individuals are now encouraged to take a COVID-19 vaccine injection before traveling to protect themselves and the people they encounter. Notably, COVID-19 vaccination programs have not yet eliminated other COVID-19 related directives such as masking, social distancing, washing of hands, and use of hand sanitizers.

Looking Into Different Home Renovation Ideas

Whether you want to sell your home or upgrade it, it could enjoy some renovation. Home renovation ranges from small scale to large scale. But it depends on your budget and house size. But small the renovations are, they make a massive impact on the value of the house.

 There are many home renovations that you can use. The renovations include both interior and exterior spaces. Let us delve deep into these home renovation ideas.

 Exterior Renovations

 Keep Your Front Door Area Tidy

 The first place everybody notices is the front door area. Imagine a home with a patchy lawn and overgrown bushes? They turn you off immediately. One crucial part of house renovation is tiding up your lawn

 Ensure that your grass gets well-trimmed, prune your bushes and shrubs. A neat front door area makes your home eye-catchy.

 Segregate Room for Building Life Memories

 A home is not a home without memories. You should set aside some exterior space for building memories. The perfect spot should include a gazebo, a deck, or a patio. These are ideal spaces for family and friends gathering. You can have your patio covered or open, depending on your taste.

 Another fantastic spot is a gravel-filled area with seating arrangements. It makes a beautiful and comfortable meeting place.

 Plant Plenty of Trees and Trim Shrubs

 We all love a yard with trees. Trees clean the air around our homes. They also make a serene environment for a perfect family setup. Among your trees should be a shade tree that aids in cooling your house. Apart from planting trees, ensure that you often trim them for perfect views. 

 Keep A Low-Maintenance Landscaping

 Low maintenance landscaping saves you a lot of money from the beginning. Your grass cutter requires minimal oil to trim your landscape grass. In turn, well-organized and clean landscaping attracts prospective buyers.

 The exterior home décor adds value to your home. If you live in a dry area, you can find suitable grass for dry weather and vice-versa.

 Interior Renovation

 Entry Way Lighting

 Lighting is an essential aspect of every home interior. Suppose your home does not have natural lighting on its entryway. Ensure that you add artificial lighting. You can choose a detailed and attractive lighting feature. Your lighting should light the path well from the daytime up-to nighttime.

 Entry Way Patches

 The first thing a visitor notices in the house is the entryway. To make it more appealing, ensure that you apply a new coat of paint. Choose attractive colors that blend with your furniture. The paint makes your home stand-out.

 You can add some art pieces on the path that leave your visitors mesmerized. Remember also to replace your old door furniture. That is your door handles and kick plates. If your handles are old and rusty, replace them with new and modern ones.

 Dress up your entry door with a doormat. This enhances your door look. You can either use:

 • a vulcanized rubber mats

 • coir fiber

 • cast iron with attractive designs and colors. 

 The mats are for décor purposes or for removing shoe dust before entering the house. They are among the first things visitors notice at your door.

 Living Room

 The living room consists of a space where the family shares bonds. There is more to a living room than a contemporary sofa-set, a table, and TV. There are many ways of renovating the living room at prices.

 Paint Your Living Room

 Paint improves your sitting room appearance. Fresh paints make it look clean and modern. More, when the colors are neutral, they make the room more attractive. You can add some interior decors such as art and flower vases to break the painting monotony.

 Living Room Arrangement

 Apart from the paint, the living room organization makes it more beautiful. Ensure that the room isn’t cluttered. Put minimal furniture. Leave some space for movement and some empty spaces to make it look big and clean.


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